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Free Tarot Readings

Free Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are done by arranging tarot cards drawn from a shuffled deck. The layout of the cards is known as a spread, and determines what each card refers to. For example, the Two Paths spread is used to understand an upcoming decision, and hence it uses cards to represent the different options and their outcomes.They are several layouts, each having they own significant meaning and interpretation of the cards.Dating back to the 15th Century tarot cards started as a card game for the rich and noble.During the 18th century tarot cards begun to be used for divine purposes.

Free Tarot Readings  FREE Tarot ReadingFree Tarot Readings

Decks: Tarot decks consist of 78 cards. 22 of the cards are major arcana (trumps), such as The Lovers, The Fool, The Pope, and The World. The remaining 56 cards are minor arcana divided into 4 suites of 14 cards each. The suites are Swords, Cups, Wands (sometimes called Rods or Staves), and Pentacles (sometimes called Coins or Discs). Although the traditional meanings of the cards are the same regardless of the specific deck used, the imagery and language associated with each deck tends to make it particularly useful for some types of readings. For example, many of our visitors find the Renaissance Tarot particularly good at questions of passion, mastery, and reason.

Sample of Layouts: The Simple Cross The Guiding Star Celtic Cross Line Spread Spread of Elements Magic Seven Spread Soul Dreamers Spread Spirits of the Cricle Four Seasons Hearth Spread Planetary Spiral Tree of Life Trinity Yes or No Reversals: About half of the cards in a reading are drawn reversed (upside down), which either negates or inverts their meaning. For example, Death upright means “change”, but Death reversed means “stagnation”.

3 Card Spread

Tarot card reading using 3 card spread

5 Card Spread

Tarot Reading using 5 card spread

Celtic Cross

Tarot Cards Celtic Cross Spread

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The variables of different tarot decks and layouts creates much variety and different meanings. Giving everyone a true and unique experience on every tarot card reading. Only a skilled and experienced tarot reader and give you a real and meaningful tarot reading. Learning to read tarot cards can be fun and challenging, but it will take much effect and time to be really skillfull at it. Start your FREE Tarot Reading now! FREE Tarot ReadingFree Tarot Readings